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 Team of Applied Development   

Daiana Karen Ferreira
Sueca Kokua
Bahia d'Luna Kokua
Marco Serrão

Daiana Ferreira

  • BSc in Psychology

  • Instructor of Assistance Dogs

  • AAI Specialist 

  • President at Kokua Association

  • Responsible for the elaboration and development of all the AAI proposals and programmes

  • In charge of the process of selection, training, handover and follow-ups of all the Assistance Dogs

  • Responsible for the selection and training of the Therapy Dogs;

  • Best known for communicating in Spanish with her dogs, for the creation of artistic material in therapy sessions and for her enthusiasm in teamwork.


Barcode "Sueca"

  • Black Labrador

  • Born in 31-05-2008

  • Therapy Dog

  • She grew up and worked at the Fundación Bocalan Madrid;

  • She participated in a broad spectrum of projects with several collectives

  • Proud mother of Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs for children with Autism

  • Housemate and Partner in Daiana’s work since 2013

  • She participates in every project and programme developed

  • Best known for her peaceful soul, reassuring energy and her wagging tail.


Bahia d'Luna

  • Yellow Labrador

  • Born in 10-10-2014

  • Therapy Dog

  • Key player of the ‘Socialization Projects’, projects developed to stimulate socialization

  • From 2 to 7 months old she she went through proprioceptive, propaedeutic and basic obedience training

  • At 7 months old she began her advanced obedience training and specific training as therapy dog;

  • She participates in all the projects and programmes developed

  • Best known for her catchy energy, her strong vocalization and innocence.


Marco Serrão

  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Treiner of Service Dogs

  • Currently attending the Course of Detection Dogs Guide

  • Volunteer at Kokua Association

  • Support in the obedience and ability training of Dogs working in the AAI programmes

  • Support in the process of selection, training, handover and follow-ups of all Assistance Dogs

  • Best known for his Alentejo nature and personality, his prominent prudence and his methodical approach when completing tasks.


 Team of Advisers and Collaborators 

Kokua has the privilege to count on a team of advisers formed by a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, Doctors, Teachers, carriers, parents and siblings of people with functional diversity, a Veterinarian, a Graphic Designer, a Seamstress and a Dog Trainer.



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