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Sueca Kokua
Bahia d'Luna Kokua
Daiana Karen Ferreira

Daiana Ferreira

  • BSc in Psychology

  • Instructor of Assistance Dogs

  • AAI Specialist 

  • President at Kokua Association

  • Responsible for the elaboration and development of all the AAI proposals and programmes

  • In charge of the process of selection, training, handover and follow-ups of all the Assistance Dogs

  • Responsible for the selection and training of the Therapy Dogs;

  • Best known for communicating in Spanish with her dogs, for the creation of artistic material in therapy sessions and for her enthusiasm in teamwork.


 Team of Applied Development   

 Team of Advisers and Collaborators 

Kokua has the privilege to count on a team of advisers formed by a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, Doctors, Teachers, carriers, parents and siblings of people with functional diversity, a Veterinarian, a Graphic Designer, a Seamstress and a Dog Trainer.



Bahia d'Luna

  • Yellow Labrador

  • Born in 10-10-2014

  • Therapy Dog

  • Key player of the ‘Socialization Projects’, projects developed to stimulate socialization

  • From 2 to 7 months old she she went through proprioceptive, propaedeutic and basic obedience training

  • At 7 months old she began her advanced obedience training and specific training as therapy dog;

  • She participates in all the projects and programmes developed

  • Best known for her catchy energy, her strong vocalization and innocence.


Barcode "Sueca"

  • Black Labrador

  • Born in 31-05-2008

  • Therapy Dog

  • She grew up and worked at the Fundación Bocalan Madrid;

  • She participated in a broad spectrum of projects with several collectives

  • Proud mother of Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs for children with Autism

  • Housemate and Partner in Daiana’s work since 2013

  • She participates in every project and programme developed

  • Best known for her peaceful soul, reassuring energy and her wagging tail.


Marco Serrão

Marco Serrão

  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Treiner of Service Dogs

  • Currently attending the Course of Detection Dogs Guide

  • Volunteer at Kokua Association

  • Support in the obedience and ability training of Dogs working in the AAI programmes

  • Support in the process of selection, training, handover and follow-ups of all Assistance Dogs

  • Best known for his Alentejo nature and personality, his prominent prudence and his methodical approach when completing tasks.


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