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Socialization Projects

This project was based in the development of volunteer sessions to socialize a young Therapy Dog-to-be, Bahia d’Luna.


Members of different centres participated in an active way socializing, preparing and training the dog through activities designed with the goals concerning the development of the animal.


These activated took place between January and June 2015, in different centres and with different target audiences:


- In the Fundação Irene Rolo work was carried out with members of CAO (12 sessions) & monitoring the Occupational Therapy Sessions of a child, integrated in the Early Intervention (16 sessions);


- In the Centro de Acolhimento Temporário CAIC A Gaivota (Tavira) our work was done with children from the centre (8 sessions);


 - In the Physical Rehabilitation Centre of the Red Cross of Tavira we did the accompaniment of physiotherapy sessions of a young adult with Rett Syndrome (8 sessions);


- In the Unity of Multi-disabilities of the Secondary School Dr. Jorge Correia Tavira, doing multisensorial sessions with two young women, one with Rett Syndrome and the other with Brain Paralysis (12 sessions).

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